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Delo® Syn-Gear XDM SAE 75W-90 On highway heavy duty A premium heavy-duty, extreme pressure gear lubricant designed to deliver maximum protection for critical components, including rear axle and differential in on and off-road vehicles operating under severe conditions and extreme heat or cold. Delo Syn-Gear HD is recommended as a rear axle and differential lubricant in over-the-road and off-road vehicles when operating under severe conditions and in extremely cold or hot environments. Delo Syn-Gear HD meets orof •. Delo Syn-Gear HD SAE 75W-90 es un aceite de engranajes sintético de alto rendimiento indicado para diferenciales y ejes de transmisión en aplicaciones de servicio pesado. Confirme siempre que el producto seleccionado siga las. Dank der außergewöhnlichen EP-Eigenschaften kann Delo Syn-Gear HD SAE 75W-90 in vielen Fällen eingesetzt werden, wo normalerweise Öle mit einer Viskosität SAE 140 erforderlich wären Nur geringe Reibungsverluste im Schmierfilm und minimale Planschverluste aufgrund einer geringeren Viskosität führen zu niedrigeren Betriebstemperaturen im Vergleich zu konventionellen Getriebeölen.

CHEVRON DELO SYN-GEAR HD 75W90 El lubricante para engranajes Delo®Syn-Gear HD es un lubricante automotriz para engranajes, de servicio pesado, multigrado y de presión extrema. DELO SYN-GEAR HD 75w90 - 20L. Delo Syn-Gear HD SAE 75W-90 est une huile synthétique hautes performances pour transmissions, conçue pour les différentiels et les ponts moteur 'Heavy Duty'. Cette huile garantit des intervalles prolongés entre les vidanges de.

2019/05/15 · Delo® Syn-Gear HD SAE 75W-90 - Differential & Drive Axels - Delo® Syn-Gear HD SAE 75W-90 is a heavy duty, extreme pressure multigrade automotive gear lubricant that. Delo Syn-Gear HD SAE 75W-90 is a high performance synthetic heavy-duty gear oil suitable for use in heavy duty driven axles and differentials. It is designed with a long-drain capability of 450,000 km and formulated with a combination of synthetic base oils and high performance additives. Delo Syn-TDL SAE 75W-90 is designed for use in automotive manual transmissions which require a fluid with API GL-4 or GL-5 performance, and for hypoid drive. Delo Syn-Gear HD SAE 75W-90 je formulisan za produžene intervale zamene ulja teško opterećenih zadnjih pogona pogonske osovine i diferencijali u putnoj i vanputnoj mehnaizaciji. Pogodno je za upotrebu u teškim radnim uslovima i u ekstremno hladnim ili toplim okruženjima. Delo Syn-Gear HD SAE 75W-90 je vysoce výkonný syntetický převodový olej vhodný k použití v silně zatížených poháněných nápravách a diferenciálech. Je navržen tak, že umožňuje dlouhé intervaly výměny 450 000 km, přičemž.

Состав масла Delo Syn-Gear HD SAE 75W-90 подобран специально для увеличения интервала замены масла при использовании в главных передачах ведущие оси и дифференциалы легковых автомобилей и внедорожной техники. Wyjątkowa jakość dodatków EP pozwala na używanie Delo Syn-Gear HD SAE 75W-90 w wielu aplikacjach, w których typowo byłby wymagany olej SAE 140 Niższe tarcie filmu olejowego oraz minimalnie obniżone smarowanie dynamiczne z uwagi na niższą lepkość oleju, prowadzą do obniżenia temperatury pracy w porównaniu do konwencjonalnych olejów przekładniowych. Delo Syn-Gear HD SAE 75W-90 is een high performance synthetische heavy duty tandwielolie, die geschikt is voor gebruik in zwaarbelaste aangedreven assen en differentiëlen. De olie is ontwikkeld voor verversingsintervallen tot. Delo Syn--Gear HD SAE 75W-90 è un olio sintetico ad alte prestazioni per ingranaggi indicato per l’uso in assi motore e differenziali heavy-duty. È progettato per intervalli di cambio olio di 450.000 km e formulato con una. Shop for Chevron Delo 75W90 Synthetic Gear Lubricant 1 Quart with confidence at. Parts are just part of what we do. Get yours online today and pick up in store. Delo Syn-Gear XDM are premium heavy duty, extreme.

Delo Syn-Gear HD se recomienda como lubricante de eje trasero y diferencial en vehículos dentro de la carretera y fuera de carretera cuando se opera bajo condiciones. 4 of 9 Delo Syn-Gear HD SAE 75W-90 SDS: 35588-Section 8. Do not attempt rescue of a person over exposed to H2S without wearing approved supplied-air or.

Delo Syn-Gear XDM 75W-90 deliver exceptional value through: Extended drain capabilities — Meet the requirements of major axle manufacturers for extended drains. Excellent thermal and oxidation stability — Synthetic hydrocarbon base oils provide outstanding stability. Delo Syn-TDL SAE 75W-90 wurde zur Verwendung in Handschaltgetrieben von Kraftfahrzeugen entwickelt, die ein Fluid entsprechend API GL-4 oder GL-5 benötigen, sowie für Hypoid-Achsantriebe, bei denen ein EP-Öl entsprechend. Delo Syn-TDL SAE 75W-90 está formulado para transmisiones manuales de automoción que requieren un fluido con rendimiento API GL-4 o GL-5, y para ejes de transmisión con engranajes hipoides en los que se necesita un aceite. Delo Syn-Gear HD SAE 75W-90 е високоефективно синтетично трансмисионно масло за тежко натоварване, подходящо за употреба в тежко натоварени задвижващи мостове и диференциали. Part Image Part Number Description Brand 223030-783 CHV DELO SYN-GEAR XDM 75W90 35/16PPL Chevron 122047EXX FLUID-DELVAC 1 GO 75W-90, 35LB PAIL Exxon 550026915 SYNTHENTIC AXLE/GEAR OIL - SHELL.

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Chevron® Delo® Syn-Gear HD 75w90 Synthetic Gear Oil - 5 Gallon Pail Chevron USA $251.11 Write a Review SKU: 223034783 Availability: NORMALLY SHIPS WITHIN 24 HOURS Shipping: Calculated at Checkout Quantity.

  1. Delo Syn-Gear HD is recommended as a rear axle and differential lubricant in over-the-road and off-road vehicles when operating under severe conditions and in extremely cold or hot environments. Delo Syn-Gear HD meets or exceeds the requirements of API Service Categories GL-4, GL-5 and MT-1.
  2. Delo Syn-Gear HD SAE 75W-90 is formulated for extended drain in heavy duty final drives driven axles and differentials in on- and off-road vehicles. It is suitable for use in severe operating conditions, and in extremely cold or hot.
  3. Delo® Syn-Gear HD SAE 75W-90 Continued Disclaimer: Data provided in this Product Data Sheet PDS is based on standard tests under laboratory conditions and is indicative only. This product should not be used for any purpose other than those expressly set out in this PDS.
  4. Delo Syn-Gear HD is a heavy duty, extreme pressure, multigrade automotive gear lubricant. It is manufactured from synthesized hydrocarbon base fluids which have excellent thermal and oxidation stability, a high viscosity index.

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